AugustaM also provides machining and electronic parts for the aerospace industry. We offer an extensive array of interior and exterior aircraft lighting options and other electronics. These parts are all manufactured with the utmost degree of quality, thanks to our aircraft partners and suppliers. The relationships we have with those in the aerospace industry allow us to provide a large selection of aircraft products including products related to navigation, formation, anti-collision, in-light refueling, landing/taxi, tail illumination, emergency lights, interior and utility and more. Furthermore, our lights can be offered in dual and other modes. We also offer LEDs and other diode related products. For our extensive list of aerospace products, search here.

Our OEM is capable of USA government approved Sheet Metal Details, Duct Assemblies, Air skins, Air frames and Aircraft fairings. On site water jet, CNC Verticle Milling machine, spot, seam welders and Tig welding. Drop hammer stretch presses, hufford stretch press.

Systems or Platforms

B52, KC135, C130, C5, F5, T38, F15, F16, F18

Any certs

ISO 9001:2008


As a machine shop, we machine aluminum, steel, and plastics, castings, and forgings. We have 3 each CNC vertical Mills with 4th access capabilities and 3 each CNC lathes with live tooling. We form smaller sized sheet metal from dimensional drawings and Mylars. We do assembly work installing bearings and bushing, installation of nut plates Helicoils and other assorted fasteners. And have approved vendors for all processing needs.

Our primary customer is the DOD and we support the following aircraft A10, B52, KC135, C141, C130, C5, F4, F5, F15, F16, F18, F111, P3, T38, H1, H3, H60

We are ITAR certified and ISO 9001 compliant.