AugustaM – Military, Metrics, Measurement & Machining.

AugustaM is a family owned and operated business, founded in 2004 in

Jupiter, Florida. Since then, AugustaM has grown rapidly into a booming sales and sourcing channel. AugustaM formed to serve as a distribution network for a variety of OEMs, and includes two different parts, selling to both military and commercial customers (this distinction began in 2010).AugustaM offers a unique advantage by acting as not just an independent distributor, but as a surplus supplier and authorized sales channel as well. Through its experience with a wide variety of OEMs, companies, and entire countries, AugustaM has the right expertise and experience to help facilitate any military, commercial and industrial projects.

Some of AugustaM’s unique experience includes their relationships with ISO 9001 quality management certified suppliers. AugustaM’s relationships with manufacturers have made it a global player- we have developed relationships with over 500 manufacturers in America and abroad. Each year, we add new OEMs with different capabilities and characteristics. You may be interested to know some of the large defense suppliers we have worked with, they include: Raytheon, Kratos Defense, Soberberg MFG, BAE Systems, Cellix Ltd., & Mersen Carbon.

No matter which company or industry we are working with, we will work closely with an array of suppliers to make sure we carry out all commitments to customers. We will work with you and your team to determine exactly what your needs are, and follow through with making sure they are met. If you are looking for a dependable sourcing network for military aircraft, commercial aircraft, electronics, LCD panels, vacuum tubes, or other military products, give the kind professionals at AugustaM a call or email today. With almost 15 years in the business, Augusta M has developed a knowledge and expertise to help you source almost any military or technical product.